Classroom Music

Music is an integral part of the curriculum at Manly West State School. Every student attends a weekly classroom music lesson taught by a music specialist teacher. The classroom music program is voice-based and encourages students to build their confidence to use their singing voice.

Prep and year 1 students build a repertoire of songs and singing games. From Year 1, students begin to develop basic music literacy, using a pitch syllable system called solfa. This system helps students to learn the sounds of each note relative to all of the other notes in any particular scale. Solfa provides many students with a secure way of developing their music hearing and, later, their music literacy.

For students in years 4 – 6 choir and BVG (a boys vocal group) are offered as an extension to the classroom music program.

Performing Ensembles

  • Senior Ensemble for Years 6 – 6 instrumental music students
  • Junior Band for beginner Year 5 instrumental music students
  • Prep to Year 3 classroom music performance singing
  • Choir for Years 4 – 6 students
  • BVG for Years 4 – 6 boys

Music Performances and Events

Our music students perform for the school community as well as the wider community. Proposed performances and events this year include:
  • A "First Performance" for Year 4 instrumental beginners early in Term 2
  • Instrumental music concert in terms 2 and 4
  • Harmony Day, Under Eights Day, Busking by the Bay, Manly Bands in the Park
  • Bayside Beginners Music Week in semester 1 for Year 4 beginner instrumental players
  • The All Groups concert in November which showcases the work of the school’s choral and instrumental ensembles
  • Perform solo in-class performance opportunities for instrumental students
  • Singfest, a massed choral event for students in choir and BVG
  • Performances for Janoah Gardens Retirement Village residents
  • Open rehearsals for instrumental, choir and BVG

Band instrumental music program

Group instrumental music tuition is offered to students from Years 4 – 6. Lessons and band rehearsals are conducted by an Education Queensland instrumental music teacher. The following instruments are offered: woodwind, brass and percussion

Tuition is provided free of charge, however there is a levy to assist with administrative costs, including the purchase of band music. For students who hire a school instrument there is also an additional hiring fee. The school has a limited number of instruments available for hire. Students in the Instrumental Program undertake practical and theoretical assessment each semester and these results are sent home with the student’s school report.

For further information on the program, including recruitment, download the Instrumental Music Information Booklet.

Senior Band

The Senior Band is comprised of Years 5 and 6 students who have spent an introductory year in the Junior Band and who have developed sufficient skills to participate at a more advanced level. All instrumental music students are required to participate in a weekly band rehearsal in additional to their group lesson.

Music Club

The Manly West State School music room buzzes with musical activity at both play times on Wednesdays to Fridays.

Students from Years 3 – 6: both playtimes on Wednesdays – Fridays. This provides another space in the school where interested students can be involved in music activities. Some students attend regularly, others attend once a term or even less. Students choose their own music activity. Choices depend on what the student is learning in class music and includes reading music, playing the glockenspiel or the chime bars, rehearsing choir or BVG music, or singing classroom songs or playing the ukulele.

Choir, instrumental and BVG students may book a time to work on Music Ace, a computer program with quality aural music exercises.

Years 1 and 2: Once a term at least one play time is set aside as a music listening room for Years 1 and 2 students.

Prep – Year 3 singers

The classroom music program for Prep to Year 3 includes a pre-choir component where students have the opportunity to develop many of the skills needed for participation in the upper school choir and BVG. As part of this preparation all Prep to Year 3 students participate in special music sessions at school events such as Harmony Day and Under 8s Day.


Choir membership is open to students in years 4 – 6 and is offered as an extension of the classroom music program. New members are recruited during the term 1 each year. The current choir was formed in 2011 and is enthusiastically building its profile as one of Manly West’s performing ensembles. For rehearsal and performance events see the weekly rehearsal schedule and the 2013 music performance and event calendar.


Boys from Years 4 – are welcome to participate in this non-auditioned group. Although the group is very small it will continued to be offered so that boys can develop their confidence to sing in a supportive environment. For rehearsal and performance events see the weekly rehearsal schedule and the 2013 music performance and event calendar.

Busking by the Bay

This exciting initiative was introduced in 2012 to provide students with an opportunity to perform as buskers in informal "gigs" in our beautiful school grounds. The choir and BVG often busk at the end of some of their weekly rehearsals. Expect to hear more of our music students busking!

Performing Uniform

The current music performing uniform is the Manly West State School uniform.

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